Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's all part of the plan

Jimmy Sexton is St. Timmy's agent.  That is not really a big surprise, considering Sexton's Athletic Resource Management is agent for half of the SEC football coaches, nearly 30 other coaches in the BCS conferences, and many of the top players picks in the NFL over the past few years.  I believe God has him on retainer, just in case.

The surprising part is Sexton thought he'd 'hide' Tebow in Memphis for a bit, you know, because TGCPE is so media shy and he needs to work on his game.  Plus, he is just a regular guy and all.  I mean, Sexton couldn't have been thinking, 'Let's go to a town where this is the only story and there are new angles to play', right?

Of course not:
"Within the next five years, Tim clearly has a chance to be one of the most endorsable athletes on the planet," Sexton said. "I had one CEO of a major Fortune 500 company tell me, 'You know what, Jimmy? For a corporation to put a face on their brand, this guy (Tebow) is the real deal. He's the one guy who's not going to be a scandal two or three years from now.' "
 For TGCPE's part, he's just happy to get back to his roots:
"It was so much fun to get back in high school facilities, to get back to your roots and just know that level is where you started. I worked, hung out and just had a great time."
So, it is all work on football, getting back to basics, except...he went out and hit baseballs with the University of Memphis' baseball team.  Took 12 of 15 pitches yard.  Not that it matters, right.  He is just a regular guy, playing football and all.  Nothing shady about him going out to do that.

Actually, it is a pretty savvy move on Sexton's part.  If St. Timmy is all of that and a bag of chips in The League, then no biggy.  We saw it coming.  If he is a bust or at best a marginal contributor with a great story, then he is already leveraging the best asset he has: the story itself.  His jersey is the fastest selling rookie jersey of all time (I'll refrain from the orange and blue jokes here).  He is turning down seven figure endorsement deals.  No agent ever lets his client do that, unless he thinks there is money left on the table.  Sorry, I don't buy it.  I've seen Sexton in action too many times to buy it.  I mean, he got Lane Kiffin $4mil a year to coach at Southern Cal. Yeah, he's that good.

Now, he has yet another client set up to replace St. Urban at Florida when his playing days, whichever sport that might be, are done.  After all, he is Jimmy Sexton, bitch.

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  1. Ick.

    In a few years he'll crap out of the NFL once the Bronco's front office realizes what a doofus Josh McDaniels is & that Teblow's "new throwing motion" is a joke.

    That day cannot come soon enough.