Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If Yer Gonna Be Stupid....

Apparently, much is being made of tasering a fan that ran out onto the field during a Phillies game (with video!), though I may be in the minority, I am cool with.

I know that jumping onto a professional playing field, at any time, is illegal.  Doing so during a game is deadlevel duchebaggery.  Not that it has to be unfunny.

(Image: AP)
Look, there is a line somewhere to discourage people from going on the field and to punish this type of behavior.  I think somewhere between simply letting the drunk run off his excitement and a sniper shot from a nameless, faceless ex-special forces sharpshooter is the right level of engagement to help keep idiots of the field of play.  While it would be funny, if he were left alone, to see the rush of excitement from first getting on the field turn to exhaustion, then a bit of panic, then shear terror of the unknown, that approach is unreasonable.  There are not enough consequences to keep this from happening on a very regular basis.  Due to the Constitution and pesky laws, the sharpshooter idea is unreasonable, as well. So what is the proper response?

Some places nicely herd you into a corner, where you are taken off the field, then probably beaten with rubber hoses before being turned over to police.  Some places, you are roughly tackled by seven guys that couldn't cut it in the NYPD's interrogation unit.  I am just saying using a taser to more quickly bring about what is an inevitable conclusion, with less interruption to the game, less likelihood of public beatings, and is great entertainment for those of us that stayed in our seats is a good thing.

Put it this way, I'd rather be tased than have Shane Victorino decide he is unhappy with my antics and take matters into his very substantial hands.


  1. You know why I am fine with it? Remember that stupid ChiSox fan a few years back that attacked the Royals coach? That is why I am fine with it....

  2. Don't forget, that was a father-son team and they had a knife. Of course, being White Sox fans, they didn't have a shirt on and were too drunk to actually hurt anyone. Now, a good tasing helps keep families together, right?