Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From the Cornfield

  • I know the Alabama-Auburn blood feud rules all in Alabama, but does anyone seriously think a Guvener candidate in Alabama seriously would openly advocate the firing of Nick Saban?
  • Never mind. Apparently Finebaum does....
  • Love it
  • I had a whole post written about this, but it sounded preachy and condescending.  Let me just say that I like Bill King's writing, but he ought to be above some of the nonsense his brethern at the AJC pulls like writing that his posts are more important than they are.
  • There are some people here in Illinois that are excited about the Blackhawks.  Me, I think June is not anything remotely like hockey season.
Finally, not to be too maudlin, but I'm headed to South Georgia today for a family funeral.  My Grandmother had 94 great years and was the toughest, in a loving way, broad I have ever known.  She was also a big inspiration for my going to Georgia, as I was the first in the family to get in, something she was endlessly proud of. 

RIP, Mema.  Tell Papo and them hey for me.