Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From the Cornfield

  • Go vote in The Senator's Verne Crush poll.  For the uninitiated, a Verne Crush is "a form of extreme admiration for another man expressed ad nauseum by the CBS football broadcast team."
  • For what it is worth, I voted for Mark Ingram, because Uncle Verne and Danielson loves them some front-runners.
  • This must mean Delaney is close to making a decision.  After all, college football is his puppet stage and everyone else are merely kids with short attention spans to be entertained.
  • Bernie points out a name that might need to be on the Verne Crush list, if mental toughness were merely enough.
  • Mackie uses "fat" and "gambler" to describe someone like they are bad things to be. 
  • Yeah, musta been a slow day in Birmingham.  Finebaum is becoming as predictable was T. Moore was.
    Roll Tide, bitches!

    Finally, a little (sworn to be By-God-true) story.  Jimmy Crackedcorndawg's co-worker has a son that is a student at the North Avenue Trade School.  The email he was sent tells the story far better than I can.
    My son called me last night with an amusing story, and I wanted to share with my extended family here at (name redacted to protect parent, who despite being a good Georgia fan, loves their kid so much that they begrudgingly let their kid go to Tech because he really wanted to).  Tech is in the middle of final exams and my son was in class receiving the results of one of his earlier exams when the following occurred:

    When he received his test score (name redacted to protect said kid of parent who let's the kid go to Tech) made a random sound with his throat that was a bit louder than he anticipated; the guy in front of him turns around and says "indeed".  When class was over, the same guy stopped (name redacted to protect said kid of parent who let's their kid go to Tech) to ask where he learned to speak Klingon.

    Apparently he had said SUCCESS in Klingon and this guy noticed.

    Only at Tech.

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