Thursday, May 6, 2010

From the Cornfield

  • Not that it matters much, but Dwayne Polee has re-narrowed his decision to four schools: Georgia, St. Johns, UNLV and Oregon. 
  • It might matter a lot more if his father, who just resigned at USC, ends up in one of those places....
  • Dean's Kitten, whom I thought had an excellent chance to win The Kentucky Derby, just crossed the finish line.
  • If you are a pirate, don't screw with the Russians.
  • Not all Phillies fans are this way, but you have to think a night after a dude gets tased on the field, you wouldn't run out on the field, right?
  • The US road to the World Cup in soccer runs through England.
  • Great story, but I still think my life's dream of playing pro baseball is dead.  I guess that could all change if I grew a handlebar mustache.
  • Dear Milton Bradley: Maybe it is you, not them.
Finally, congrats to Georgia's men and women tennis players on making the NCAA tournament.  Go Dawgs!

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