Friday, May 14, 2010

Congrats Class of 2010

Graduation is a great time of year.  For some, it is merely a benchmark of success that you do, then move on from.  When you work in higher education, it is when you get to personally see the pride of success in your students and for one moment remember they have accomplished something huge in their lives.  It is a seriously cool time in the life of the college.

Even cooler for me, due to the rules involving academic regalia, it is the one time that I get to wear Red and Black proudly, without recrimination or comment.  True, it is merely a black gown, but my hood is trimmed in red and black and the tassel on my tam is red and black.  Oh, I'll also wear my red and black bow tie, because that is how I roll (you can get one if you like by clicking the link on the left; hey, I've got kids to put through college). 

Good luck in all of your endeavors, regardless of where you are graduating.  Remember, the degree you earned is yours and no one can take it from you.


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