Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bringing the South to the Midwest

Our 7th Mostly Annual Spring Crawfish Boil, feat. Brad Who is Bad and Nationwide, is today.  When we lived in Athens, we (Brad, Jimmy Crackedcorndawg and I) alternated a crawfish boil with his house on the Gulf Coast and Athens.  After we moved up here, we have deviated a bit from the script, having other delicacies that are more easily shipped, such as a fowl de cochon, which is a turduken stuffed inside a pig.  I kid you not.  Unreal, if you haven't had one.

This year, Brad decided to bootleg up a sack of bugs on AirTran. While there is some skepticism over eating anything called mudbugs, I keep telling my friends up here that crawfish are like shrimp from the bad side of town.  Nothing to be afraid of.  I do love crawfish, having grown up in SE Georgia where we are as likely to cook them as use them for running lines for catfish.

Pinch a tail, suck a head.
We'll also have ribs, sausage, lamb, ribs, brisket, fried fish, and smoked fish, just for good measure.  Oh, and my first smoked and fried Vidalias of the year.  If you find yourself lost in Central Illinois, come on by.  We're the house on the right with a UGA flag up and a stone bulldog on the porch. 

Tell Jimmy that we're saving him a doggie bag.  It'll be fun, but not the same without him here.

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