Thursday, May 13, 2010

Biggest WTF Moment of the Decade

Back in December, I posted the lovely poll on the left about the best moment and biggest WTF moment of the decade.  Jimmy Crackedcorndawg did an admiral write up on the best moments of the decade then, and I discussed the biggest WTF moments. 

Obviously, that slipped my mind. 

Since it is a slow day, I thought I'd take a look back and talk about the Biggest WTF moment of the decade.  The vox populi and them decided that Reggie Ball's mad math skillz was the run away winner, nearly gaining an outright majority of the votes (44%).  Dennis Felton's SEC tornado torney run was a distant second.

So to set the moment, think back to November 27, 2004.  What started out as a mostly sunny day turned into a slate gray, threatening sky by the 3:30 kickoff.  By the start of the second quarter, it was raining Biblically, and David Greene was on the sidelines with a broken finger.  But no worries, Georgia, on the strength of three scores in their first four drives and 119 yards of total offense allowed by the defense, led 16-0 at half time.  By the end of half time, Sanford emptied.

The second half was a different story.  The Dawgs, who had owned Tech in the first half, looked like they were not happy to come back out in the rain.  Tech held the Dawgs to a quick four and out (thanks to back to back false starts by Georgia linemen), then promptly drove to field goal position and Bell put it through. Disaster struck when McClendon fumbled the kickoff on the Dawg's 14 yard line.  Georgia's defense maddeningly made Tech earn the TD (7 plays to get the 14 yards), but also enabled Tech to keep the drive alive thanks to three huge penalties, including a personal foul on third and 10 and a pass interference on 3rd and goal.  Now, those of us that stuck around were nervous with the score 16-10. 

It went downhill from there, with Georgia gaining -18 and -2 yards on drives before Tech put together another scoring drive to make it 16-13.  Now, the 10,000 or so Dawgs fans left were nervous, wet and pissed.  Surely, this wasn't happening.  But it was.  Fortunately, the Dawgs finally got something going with just over 7 minutes left and put Brandon Coutu in position to hit a 44 yarder to take the score to 19-13. 

Tech returns the kickoff to their 41!  You have 2:16 left on the clock.  On second down, Reggie Ball finds Levon Thomas open in the middle for a 38 yard completion to Georgia's 21.  Now, Tech has 1:30 to play and just 21 yards for the win. 

On first down, Ball hit PJ Daniels on a pass, but Jarvis Jackson was there to stop him for no gain.  On second down, Quentin Moses brought the hammer down with an 11 yard sack, pushing Tech back to Georgia's 32.  With no timeouts, Reggie rushed Tech to the line (with just short of a minute left to play) and spiked the ball. 

So, at this point, you are thinking, that is three plays.  It is fourth and a bundle with the about :40 on the clock. Simple, call a 21 yard play, with options for more.  Reggie, however, alleged home cooking, somehow,
"The scoreboard said one thing, the refs said another," Ball said. "When you've got a game that close, you've got to expect a little home cooking. You've got to fight through it."

Fourth down and 21, Reggie gets flushed from the pocket by Pollock and rolls to his right looking for some time and a receiver.  At that point, I get this feeling: he's about to throw it away.  Finding no receiver, he heaves the ball through the end-zone, nearly into my hands.  Literally, since I was sitting in the East end-zone and had moved down to the bottom row.  Joy. Pure. Joy.  
Photo: Dean Legge at Dawg Post
It is just a game, dog.  Just a game.
So you, fine readers, voted Reggie Ball's counting skills as the biggest WTF moment of the last decade.  I agree.

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  1. I love the picture of just how bad Pollack was being held on that play.