Sunday, May 2, 2010

After Action Review

If you've been following on Twitter, you have seen most of the foolishness that happens when you combine bourbon, horses, dresses, horses, bourbon and bourbon. 

Just a quick rundown:
  • It was wet, not in our seats though.
  • The horses were clearly against me winning any money.
  • Bourbon, sugar, water in glass glasses=massive amounts of broken glass.
  • I saw an actor standing beside me, I thought it was James Franco.  It might have been someone else.  All I know is there definitely was a camera crew and they were shooting us.
  • I love horse racing.  
  • Canadians are cool.
  • I miss Irwin.
I hope to have more later.  Congratulations to Calvin Borel and Derby 136 winner Super Saver.  Awesome day.

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