Monday, April 5, 2010

The Road Ends Here

Just a couple of quick thoughts.  Apparently, no one is giving Butler a shot of winning tonight.  I guess I could be rational and agree.  However, no one gave Duke a shot of making the final four three weeks ago.  If Duke gets hot like they did against West By God Virginia, then I don't think playing Duke seven on five would win.  If Duke plays like they have many, many times this season, then Butler will hang with them.

Anyone want to bet against the Bulldogs if it is a tight game?  Normally, I couldn't say a Coach K team would be the underdog in that situation. This year?  A push at best.

Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday.
Butler doesn't know or care who they are playing.  They have beaten the Big 10 Regular Season and Tourney Champs, the Big East Regular Season Champ, the InternMountain Central West Champ (or whatever conference UTEP is in) and the Ohio Valley Conference Champ. They are a small private school that plays in a cool old basketball stadium. They are located in a basketball hotbed.  Butler may be the new kid on the block, but they are much more like Duke than anyone would like to admit.
Butler Bulldog final four hat shirt championship champion champ NCAA
I'll be there, hoping to see what everyone will call the greatest upset since at least 1983 in a Championship game.  I am just saying that if it does happen, I won't be that surprised.  Very excited, just not surprised.

Look for the guy in Butler shirt and the Georgia hat.  Go Dogs, not Dawgs!

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