Friday, April 23, 2010

Polee to Name College Choice Tomorrow

Los Angeles Times Player of the Year Dwane Polee of Westchester will announce his college decision tomorrow at half-time of the Collision All-Star Game.  Polee has narrowed it down to Georgia, Arizona and UTEP.  Steve Lavin entered the picture after he was named as St. Johns new coach, but I am not sure there was enough time for Lavin to assemble the cash per usual put the charm on him.

UTEP just entered the equation when Tim Floyd, the coach at USC that originally recruited Polee to USC, was hired.  O'Shea thinks it is a done deal with UTEP, but being the homer I am, I still hope for a miracle. 

This is would be huge get for Coach Fox.
UPDATE:  Perhaps St. Johns has entered the picture...


  1. Where are you getting your information? I read an article yesterday that said UNLV, St. John's and UGA are the 3 finalists. My money is on UNLV. Kruger is averaging 25 wins per season over the last 3-4 years and it's an easy drive from LA. Polee was sitting in the UNLV student section at the Louisville game in Vegas last season...wearing a UNLV sweatshirt.

  2. I guess I get it from the same place everyone else does, except I apply some logic to it. I really hope Polee comes to Georgia. However, he hasn't named anyone yet. Why? Who knows, but I've heard from people who have some knowledge (knowledge of the high school hoops scene in LA) of the situation in LA that Polee LOVED Floyd, his philosophy, his coaching style and wanted to play for him.

    Lord, I hope I am wrong, but having the Las Vegas paper saying UNLV in the hunt is no different than having Finebaum saying that Saban can in fact walk on water. Not to say he won't go to UNLV, but I sticking my neck out to say that if he doesn't go to Athens, he'll play at UTEP.

  3. I'm not sure where he'll wind up, but I get the feeling it won't be Georgia. I've watched enough of these recruiting battles at Illinois under Weber to know that when a kid can't seem to name a leader, and finds new and exciting things with each other school he visits, he probably isn't going to land where I want him to land. I think he's going to SJU.