Friday, April 2, 2010

Go Dogs, not Dawgs!

The final four is this weekend.  For the first time in my adult life, I will don a school colors other than red and black and actively root for that team to win.  Yeah, I have rooted for other teams before, mainly in the context of someone beating Florida/Tennessee/Tech/Notre Dame or at least rooting for a meteor to hit the stadium when any combo of those teams play (the 1992 Sugar Bowl was a doozie for me). 

Tomorrow I will wear the the blue of Butler with that crazy looking bulldog on it.  It doesn't feel like cheating.  Let me be clear, if UGA were playing Butler in this game, I'd be in my finest red and black and would openly shun the blue T-shirt wearing loudmouth heifer on my arm.  Did I mention she looks awesome in jeans?  I would expect her to do the same of the fratastic 40 year old preppie who isn't above sneaking bourbon into the Final Four.  That is just the way I roll.  I'd share, I swear.

For the first time since UCLA played in the 1972 Final Four is the host team playing in the Final Four.  There will be an overload of stories on Hinkle Fieldhouse and Hoosiers this week on CBS.  They aren't bringing the floor from Hinkle to Lucas Oil Stadium.  It'd be cool if they did, because the floor has as much character as any I have ever stepped on.  The building itself is amazing.  I have been lucky enough to go into some pretty cool places, including Cole Fieldhouse at Maryland, Carmichael Arena at North Carolina, and Huff Gymnasium at Illinois.  None can compare to the feel of the floor and the awesomeness that is standing at mid court in this 12000 seat basketball stadium that feels more like a 2500 seat high school gym once you are inside it.

Finally, I suspect all the world will be Butler fans, with a few notable exceptions.  Tom Izzo has led his Michigan State Spartans to 6 of the last 12 Final Fours.  On the other side of the bracket, you have the "Oh, God I hate him" game between Huggins and Coach K.  It is hard to call a team that beat the Big 10 and Big East Champions this season a Cinderella.  They play tough defensive basketball and no team in America hustles on both ends of the court as much as Butler does.  If I ever coach basketball, I am going to assign watching Bulter pass the ball as my first offensive drill.  It is a thing of beauty.  Coach Norman Dale would be proud.

So it is off to Indy for me and the MsWish us luck in our quest to get tickets and... Tickets are in hand.

 Go Dogs, not Dawgs!


  1. If it comes down to Butler vs. West Virginia at some point, tell Mrs. Exile it's not personal.

    I just hope she feels the same way.

  2. She knows. Just expect some comments about Jimmy Clausen or hippies.