Thursday, April 1, 2010

Georgia Tech to change offense

Citing his confidence that the option is 'just a fad,' Coach Paul Johnson today surprised his team with a new look offense for the Yellow Jackets during spring practice.  "We're just going back to the future, now, lining up in either a straight I or a straight T in the backfield," said Johnson.  "If we want to really shake it up, we might do a flying cross formation," he added, "it worked for Heisman, why won't it work for us?"

The base formation will allow the quarterback to hand it off to any of the three running backs in the backfield, creating all kinds of havoc for opposing defenses.  There will be very little, if any passes, according to Johnson.  "Hey, we're a running team, if we have passes in there, I might have to call those plays.  We all know that might lead to bad stuff happening."  He touted the advantage of not having to recruit QBs that can pass and not having to feel like four straight pass plays might catch a team off guard.

He also announced that in honor of the change, the team would put a picture of Roy "Wrong Way" Riegels in the home locker room, to emphasize that importance of karma and a solid running game in helping teams win big games.  A picture of Georgia's 2008 secondary will be put up, as well. Johnson also announced that there would be no water at practices and the team had to wear single bar face masks, too. 

When asked about the possibilities of running the sweep, as opposed to straight hand-offs, he got a bit more cagey. "That'll be our secret weapon, with teams playing their corners so far off the line, there'll be definite schematic advantages, especially if move one of those backs out to the flats."  He went on to assert that looking at Georgia the past couple of years, he feels real good about the match up with corners.  When told Willie Martinez was no longer at Georgia and that the Dawgs had converted to a 3-4 defensive scheme, with the plan to press corners in more, he was a blasé about the change.  "45-42, boys.  45-42."

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