Monday, April 19, 2010

G Day as a Tryout

With Zach Mettenberger being dismissed, that is what GDay turned out to be for him.  There are plenty of reasons to think this was the case from the get go, but the only one I can think of that it wasn't is that Coach Richt is pretty serious about putting the clamps on someone who doesn't represent the program well.  Of course, he is also all about giving players second chances, too.

So, was GDay a tryout for another team for Zack?  I think that is a fair question. I wondered why he worked exclusively against the 2nd team D.  I wondered why he was given the more favorable set of plays to run. From my perspective, I believe the answer is that Coach Richt suspected this might come and was looking to give him a chance to put up a solid performance for his next place.  That isn't to say he is gone forever from Georgia, just that he is more likely to end up at another college and needed to put something up to show that school he could do it.

You don't think Coach Richt would do that?  I think he is very much that kind of man.  He got what he needed out of his other two QBs.  They got their reps and had plenty of good plays to run, too.  That isn't to say he 'threw' the game, if you can say that about a scrimmage.  He just gave Zach the best chance to show that on the football field, he has game.

So what led to this? Who knows.  If it ever comes out, I am guessing some sort of more serious charges that stem from his night of frolic in Lowndes County are in the offing (think: circumstances that led to the police being called in the first place).  Coach Richt doesn't make these decisions lightly and doesn't do so rashly.  You can bet that Zach is in for more serious repercussions that merely being dismissed from the football team.

Good luck, Zach.  I hope you land on your feet and get this worked out.

-Ching: Richt didn't move lightly (ABH)

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