Thursday, April 22, 2010

From the Cornfield

A few nibbles for your day...
Illinois and Northwestern face off
at Wrigley in Nov
  • When Illinois and Northwestern play a football game at Wrigley Field, will the Cubs' bullpen still get to blow the game late?
  • Makiri Pugh is leaving Georgia.  Good luck Mr. Pugh.  I'm guessing he'll end up at UNC, Eastern Carolina or some other place close to home (Charlotte) for him.
  • Brian Kelly is building toughness, eschewing decided schematic advantages.
  • They have a draft for the Spring game at tOhio State University.  I am not sure why some of the players had to wear pink numbers.
  • The NCAA basketball tourney will go to 68 teams.  TBS will join CBS as broadcast partners.  Now, that is funny.
  • This is just a crying damn shame.  Good luck Bobby and June and thanks for the lunches.
  • Bad news for New Orleans Saints fans.

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