Thursday, April 29, 2010

From the Cornfield - Special Island Edition

As alluded to earlier this month, the Missus and I are headed to Louisville to meet up with some good Georgia folk to see the Kentucky Oaks and Derby this weekend.  After the Final Four, the Kentucky Derby was one of the must dos on my bucket list.

Now, I am checking both off in a month's time. 

Sorry it has been quiet. Work has drawn me off to a far flung location.  Not bragging, but the place rhymes with Water Pico.  The Billboard Latin Music Awards are also in town, so people watching has been fun.  Couple this with the Derby and it is going to be tough to go back to my ordinary life of smoked meat, bourbon and family.  Strike that, I'm looking forward to it.  Nothing against the beautiful people, but there is more plastic at the awards parties than a solo cup factory.

As I told someone the other day, it is weird to see so many girls hooched up in the daylight without being at Auburn for a football game. 

I'll have more from the Derby, with (weather permitting) a "Live From..." segment.  Remember: Mint Julip is just another conveyance for bourbon, so it is likely to be funny, at least to me.

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