Friday, April 9, 2010

And you think college football coaching is tough.

For anyone who thinks the college football coaching world is nutty, think about college basketball:

  • Coach A: 138-90 (50-62) at school he coached at in 2009-10.  Never finished higher than third in conference, never won a NCAA tourney game.
  • Coach B: 61-31 (27-21) at school he coached at in 2009-10.  Highest finish was 3nd in conference. 1-2 in NCAA tourneys.
  • Coach C: 176-142 (67-93) at school he coached at in 2009-10.  Highest finish in conference was 3rd. 7-5 in NCAA tourneys.
All of the coaches above coached in the same conference.  All of the above coaches took their teams to the NCAA this season.

Coach A's knock has been the inability to win a NCAA game, despite three straight appearances (only the second time in school history three straight teams have gone to the NCAAs).  He has coached the team to four straight 20 win seasons.

Coach B's knock has been the lackluster performance against expectations.  He had what many considered a top five signing class two years ago and was expected to contend for the conference title.  His team finished 5th in the conference this season.

Coach C's knock has been the maddening ups and downs of his team's performance.  He is regarded as one of the top recruiters in the nation, but hasn't seen recruiting success translate to on court success but once.

Who are they:
Coach A is Oliver Purnell, who just signed a 7 year $15M deal to leave Clemson to coach DePaul.  Coach B is Dino Gaudio, who was fired at Wake after just three seasons.  He was kept on to keep said class together after Skip Prosser's unexpected death.  Coach C is Paul Hewitt, who had his perpetual contract rolled over in due course. 

I just point this out because objectively, the coach that did the best is looking for work.  The coach that has done the least moved and the coach that has done less with more gets his contract rolled over.  I guess the point is in the ACC, there is no reward for mediocrity, unless you sneak your way into the Final Four.

No Jeff Lebos were harmed in the writing of this post.

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  1. Amazing that Hewitt is still around. Pathetic with their talent that they haven't had a winning season in the ACC since 03-04.