Sunday, April 4, 2010

And then there were two

Not much to post, beyond: Wow.

The Ms. cried after Heyward pulled down the rebound on the missed free throw.  I've only seen her cry one other time at sports, the 2002 Georgia Auburn game.  Obviously, defense carried the day for Butler.  You have to do that when you go 11 minutes in the second half without a field goal. 

With Georgia winning at LSU in baseball, it was a fantastic day (I think the hat had something to do with it).  As an added bonus, the hat pissed off the Michigan State fans.  I am glad I don't have to listen to "Let's go Mountaineers" on Monday night. 

Duke is a great basketball program.  If you are a Duke fan, then well, good luck on Monday.  To the rest of the world:  Go Dogs!


  1. Never again will Butler have as many people cheering for them as they will tomorrow night.

  2. Once again, I must respectfully disagree with Exilus Maximus. First of all, I needed West Virginia to win in order to have a shot at winning my bracket pool. Oh, well. But as for the "good luck Duke" thing.....HAIL NO! Duke is as bad as Kentucky. Coach K is the Saint Urban of college hoops. Can't stand the smugness. I don't think Butler has a snowball's chance in this one, but I've never had more reason to root against Duke.

  3. That's because you are from Dukehater,Ga. That's right next to Atlanta, isn't it?

  4. I'm from Dukehater, GA. That is right next to heaven.

  5. I work with a guy who graduated from Auburn, roots for UGA in football and loves Duke basketball with a white-hot passion. Where would you say he is from?