Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ah, the weekend - Gameday in April Edition

Last year for GDay, I recounted my five favorite GDay experiences.  Number one was 1990, when I managed to look cool in a VW Bug convertible and use the best pickup line I have ever spontaneously come up with.  I will say that since I have left Athens, the idea of missing GDay is just as hard to as missing a Fall game day.  Maybe it is the long break between games, maybe it is the Masters being played a couple of hours away and being broadcast on TV, maybe I am just getting more and more sentimental as I age, therefore placing extra significance on things that matter to me.  That would explain my getting misty eyed over finishing the bottle of Makers last night.....
Anyway, for those of you headed to Athens, enjoy yourself.  While GDay will never rival a Fall weekend on many levels, there is something special about showing up on a Spring day for football.  Call it an amuse-bouche, a small bite to tickle the taste buds and get the stomach going.  After today, we have a long three months before SEC media days and we get back at it for football season.  I guess there is one way the day will be better: No matter what happens today, we will have reasons to be excited and reasons to be concerned, but we won't have a reason to want coaches fired or complain that (fill in the blank with your favorite villainous coach/school) has passed Georgia in scheme/heart/talent/place in the firmament.

Go Dawgs!

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