Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yes, we can

Yes, we can. Those are simple words. Simply put, as a group, we possess the attitude that nothing is impossible. Nothing can't be accomplished as a group. That the group is stronger than the sum of it's parts. It is also the mantra for for Bob the Builder, a cotton candyish kids show out of the UK, and the song was a multi-million selling number one hit. I did not make that up.

As a parent of young children, I hear "I can't" a lot. "I can't tie my shoes." "I can't fall asleep." "I can't get the fireplace lit." You know, typical excuses of a five year old. There is another prevailing idea out there, that Georgia cannot beat this Kentucky team in basketball.

Back on November 11th, the University of Kentucky football team came to Athens to do what they have done since Ben Zambiasi was captain. Lose to Georgia. Except it didn't play out that way. Kentucky decided that they could do it. They did.

I grant this Kentucky basketball team is a much better team than the Georgia football team was. I also grant Kentucky's football team is much better than this current Georgia basketball team is. However, both Kentucky's football team and this Georgia basketball team never stop playing hard and never give up. That paid off for the 'Cats in football this season in Athens. It can pay off tonight in Athens.

Back in January, Georgia gave Kentucky all they could handle. Calipari will remind his team of that. He will also remind his team that the Tennessee team that handled them last weekend lost in Athens to the Dawgs. He will have his team ready to play. Kentucky is used to playing in big games, with big crowds against them. It is time to turn The Steg upside down. Kentucky is playing for the number one seed in the nation. Georgia is playing for a (long) shot at a postseason tourney.

Also, it is senior night. Ricky McPhee, Albert Jackson and Tyler Whatley will don the red and black for the last time at home (probably). Dawg fans need to show up and show out for these players. It also *could* be Trey Thompkins' last game at home, depending on things. There will be a ton of scouts at the game and he is projected as a possible first round pick.

We are in serious recruiting time for players. Showing up big against Kentucky, playing them hard and showing the world that The Steg is ours is too important to leave it to mere amateurs. There will be plenty of people wearing blue in Athens tonight. Show up, shut them up, show them the door. The Steg needs to rock unlike it has ever rocked. The Seniors deserve it. The Coaches deserve it. The Team deserves it. Get there early. 11K plus during warm ups would be huge.

Finally, because I am also of a certain age, "Welcome to the Jungle" serves as an official fire up song for me (fortunately, I couldn't find a video of "Take it Higher" from Over the Top, which is the greatest movie about arm wrestling ever).

Show up loud. Show up early. Show up to win. Shut those in blue up. There are kids in Illinois that hate blue wishing they could.

Yes, we can.

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  1. I have the soundtrack for "Over The Top". "Winner Takes It All" by Sammy Hagar is my favorite pump-me-up song of all time. Cheesy? You bet it is.

  2. I like Winner Takes it all, but for some reason, the other song just fires me up more.

  3. "I also grant Kentucky's football team is much better than this current Georgia basketball team is?"

    What the heck are you talking about? That UK football team finished 7-6 with 5 of those wins coming over 4 horrible non-conferences foes and Vandy. We outgained them by 230 yards and handed them the game with 2nd half turnovers. This UGA basketball team is barely under .500, has beaten 5 quality opponents and has two guys who are projected to be lottery picks at the end of next year. We are also 12-3 at home with all 3 losses coming by no more than 4 points. I'd say the UK football and UGA hoops teams are very similar in a lot of ways, including the ways the other teams fan bases would/will react to losing to them. UK would never beat us in football if we played our best and UGA would never beat UK in hoops if they played their best. Here's hoping UK hoops team performs a little like our football team did to give us the opening we need to pull an upset.

  4. You know where you are? You in the jungle baby! You goin' down!!

    Rolling towards Athens Town listening to Axl talk s!&@. Thanks for the inspiration.