Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Weekend - You're Repressed

25 years ago this weekend, "The Sure Thing" came to Waycross.  I always knew I wanted to end up at Georgia for college, but thought about doing the JC thing for a year or two. Seeing this mover changed my thinking.

After seeing what *really* happens in college, I decided to apply directly to Georgia and take my chances.
Ok, I admit "Animal House" is in my top five all time favorites, but honestly, how real is Flounder dating that hottie and how long would Niedermeyer last before he got rochambeaued in inter-mural football or beatdown at O'Malleys?  Not that we didn't take liberties with our lady guests.  We did.

After I realized what college was going to be like, I never looked back.

Never be repressed.

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