Monday, March 8, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot, final ballot

Final SEC Hoops Power Poll.  It has been a blast.

  1. Kentucky - The SEC Championship means more than Calipari lets on.
  2. Vandy - Still a tough team.  They will need to have more killer instinct if they want to play beyond the second game in the NCAA tourney.
  3. Tennessee - Will they be the team we've seen the past week?  If so, they will be a dangerous five seed.
  4. Florida - Probably needs a win to be sure of playing in the NCAAs.
  5. Mississippi State - Definitely needs a win to be sure of playing in the NCAAs.
  6. Old Miss- Definitely needs a win to hope to play in the NCAAs.  Two wins will make them rest a bit easier.
  7. South Carolina - Can make some noise in the CBI...if they get in.
  8. Arkansas - Five straight losses to end the regular season.  This was the Razorback team we have been expecting to see all season.
  9. Alabama - No chance they make any noise in the NIT.
  10. Auburn - Barkley snubs the closing of Beard-Eaves, then they lose to 'Bama to fall below .500.  Tough week for Jeff Lebo.
  11. Georgia - LSU? REALLY?!?
  12. LSU - Tough defense.  Tougher season.

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