Monday, March 1, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot, Feb 28th

My ballot for this week:
  1. Kentucky - Losing to Tennessee is exactly the motivation Calipari needs for making a strong tourney run.
  2. Vandy - Vandy has a great team.  They are suspect to falling to teams that have a strong inside presence.
  3. Tennessee - Big win against the Cats is reason why I think they are going to be a dangerous tourney team.  Pearl is getting more production from his bench than anyone in the country.
  4. Florida - The Georgia loss was a tough one, considering they have UK and Vandy yet.  I, for one, am glad Chandler Parson's didn't touch the ball the last possession against UGA.
  5. Mississippi State - These Dawgs are making the tourney.  Can they make a run with this lineup?  Only if Varnado can keep scoring and blocking.
  6. Ole Miss - Needs to win a couple of more to get in the NCAA tourney.   I predict they will be one of the last four out.
  7. Arkansas - LSU? Really?
  8. Georgia - The cardiac Dawgs finally pull one out.  Will they be able to do that at a neutral site?
  9. Auburn - Jeff Lebo: Dead man walking.
  10. South Carolina - Skid city is no way to end a season. 
  11. Alabama - Will Anthony Grant stop the slide?  They could end the season on a seven loss skid.  Not what they had in mind when he was hired.
  12. LSU - Still not a good team.

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