Saturday, March 13, 2010

On to the CBI?

So with the loss to Vandy last night, what is next?  CBI? 

I still am not sure if a team with a losing record gets into a post season tourney, but if given the chance, I'd like to see Georgia play.  Look at it as another chance to let seniors wear the jersey, give young guys some playing time and let Connor Nolte post some trick shots.  Plus, their is always a possibility the Dawgs end up playing someplace close, so I can go see them play again.

Hey, it is about me, right?

Seriously, Georgia has beaten at least five teams that will make the NCAA tournament and lost to two others outside the conference (Wofford and Virginia Tech) that will play in the NCAAs.  The national press has noticed how dangerous Georgia is on any given night, which will help with the CBI, in particular, since they are looking to build a brand.  Get a team like Georgia into the tournament and have them make a run, plus have Trey making ESPN highlight reels, is a potential goldmine for them.  Any publicity is good.

If the Dawgs don't play again, I just want to say from the bottom of this Dawg in Exile's heart: Thanks Coach Fox and all of the Georgia Bulldog basketball team. You are DGDs.

Go Dawgs!

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