Thursday, March 4, 2010

More than 12 points better*

Kentucky is more than 12 points better than Georgia.  Yesterday, I had a feeling.  I was wrong.  I am not willing (nor disposed) to pull a Kyle and go depressive.  I am proud of the fight Georgia showed last night against Kentucky. 

Coach Fox asked Georgia to limit turnovers.  They did.  He asked them to be patient and try to work the ball low for high percentage shots.  They did.  He asked them to play smart defense, to not give up too many easy baskets underneath.  They did.  However, when a team as talented as Kentucky is gets their outside shooting going and plays the suffocating defense Kentucky did, especially in the second half, there is no way for a team like Georgia to stop them.  Wall and Dodson were 6-11 from behind the arc.  Syracuse couldn't stop them last night.

I could talk about the officiating, but why?  I mean, it is Kentucky.  Coach Fox gave an official as much of an earful as I have ever seen without a tech.  I think the official was embarrassed about the non-call with an injured Dawg on the court.  He should have been.  In the end, though, Kentucky's speed on the drives and underneath presence just wore the Dawgs down. 

Last night, we saw a final four team play in Athens.  I am convinced of that. I saw them play in Madison Square Garden in December and thought they had the talent to make the Regional Finals.  They have progressed way beyond that from discipline, shot selection and team basketball perspectives. They might not make the final four because they are young, but if the team we saw last night shows up for the NCAA tourney? Forget about it.  They'll play in Indy on April 5th.

Finally, I am very proud of this team and optimistic of the direction of Georgia basketball.  This has been a season of ups and downs, but if Trey sticks around, this team will make a tournament run next year.  Not just NIT tournament run.

Go Dawgs!

*I just realized PWD wrote a post with almost the same headline.  If I had to admit it, the title, which I wrote last night, came from a conversation he and I had about the two teams.  Go read his post, if you haven't.  It is better written and contains niceties, such as facts and stats, that I don't bother to include.

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