Thursday, March 25, 2010

List of people not welcome at the University of Florida anymore

Jeremy Fowler - He's a "bad guy, man."
Mike Bianchi- "Isn’t it only a matter of time before goes Zooker and threatens to beat up an entire frat house?"
Shane Matthews - "You're either a Gator or you're not a Gator."
The Guy who was hiking the ball to Tebow at Senior Day practices - It was his fault
Tony Barnhart - "Why give the world a gun?"
Any number of bloggers - Urban Meyer points and stares 

Yeah, Urban Meyer has a national championship or two. But getting into a pissing match with the media rarely ends well for coaches.  The Orlando Sentinel, like Doug Johnson Shane Matthews, will probably be around long after Urban Meyer is gone, whenever that is.  Maybe he thinks he is creating a 'we vs. them' mentality (see the Shane Matthews thing above), but he is also giving fodder to coaches and others who will couple his meltdown with this to say, if he'll threaten a guy on film over reporting about a comment, imagine what it'll be like if you miss an assignment or say something really stupid.

That guy has got to get a grip.  Threatening Jeremy Fowler, as much as I appreciate the sentiment of threatening Jeremy Fowler, is way bush league.  Fowler simply quoted a player who was expressing excitement about the new QB situation at Florida because it made his life easier, and provided context about that quote...on a blog.  One final thing: Anyone that thinks this is about the player he quoted (Deonte Thompson) is living in a dream world.  It was and has always been about the player Thompson was talking about.


  1. Corch really misses hitting that...

  2. BTW, apparently that is Schad in the Delaware shirt. He's shorter than Vitale....