Friday, March 19, 2010

Kinda Like Herpes, but Without the Fun

With news that Bryce Brown is "no longer a part" of the Tennessee Volunteer program, I have to wonder, how much more house cleaning will Derrick Dooley have to do?

Brown, who was the all-everything running back from Wichita amassed 460 yards rushing and a shade under 150 receiving, with 4 total TDs on the season.  He peaked early, with 104 yards in the season opener against Western Kentucky, but didn't threaten 100 yards in any game after that. 

Brown, and by extension, the University of Tennessee has been sullied by the whole Brian Butler non-sense.  Butler, Brown's former 'trainer' who sold information on Brown via a website, is still under investigation by the NCAA regarding Brown's recruiting.  From day one, that process was a circus.  He committed to Miami, then decided to wait until a presser on March 16th last year, announcing he had five finalists schools.  Miami said no-thank you and let it be known that the offer to play for the Hurricanes expired.  Brown chose Tennessee, because he felt it was the best place for him to "get to the next level."  Now, he is gone from Knoxville.

So, he doesn't think Tennessee can get him to the next level now?  Do video clips of Reggie Bush playing at Tennessee of the West make that big a difference?

Most telling to me is Dooley's quote about the situation,

“(He has) concerns that I believe stem from -- and he told me stem from -- No.1, some of the reasons why he came here, and No. 2, his experience over the first six months he has been here.”
It was a head scratcher to me in the first place.  I figured he'd go play collegiate ball with his brother Arthur at KState or to Tennessee West.  Both fit into his desire to get to the next level ambitions.  KState because he'd be a three/four year starter in a conference that is not known for its defenses and a program known for its scheduling non-conference cream puffs allowing him to amass eye popping stats.  Tennessee West because, well, because it is Southern Cal.  Now, he has blown two years of eligibility and Tennessee has Brian Butler taint on them.

I do like Dooley's admission of surprise at the move,
 "This is something that was probably six months, but I’m not here to recruit (players on the team). I’m here to coach."
He knows he has talent, but is more interested in getting the guys who want to play separated from the ones who got wowed by The Kiffer and Orgeron's glitz machine.  I envision spring practice in Knoxville to be like the Junction Boys, but with more water and fewer broken bones.

So if you are keeping score at home, two of the stars of The Kiffer's class are now gone (Brown and Richardson) and another probably got the 'you mess up one bit' speech from Dooley when he came in (Jackson).  Yeah, the Senator is right, winning the recruiting rankings isn't all that.

My guess is that in the end, The Kiffer's decision to ease on down the road will be seen as a much less traumatic event than when it happened, and the Tennessee faithful will be happy for their own sake, not out of spite, that he is gone.

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  1. I thought he even committed to Oregon at one point in time before UT.