Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is Dogs, not Dawgs...but go Butler!

I am not going to lay out a big analysis of why I think Butler can win tonight.  Actually, I didn't pick them past this game (but did pick them to beat Syracuse on Thursday in one pool, not that it matters, since I was mathematically eliminated when Georgetown lost).  Suffice it to say, Butler is the closest thing to a Cinderella left that has a shot of winning it all.  Not that a team that played the OOC schedule they did and compiled the record they did is a Cinderella. I don't think they will either, I'm just saying they are playing good basketball and have the shooters, defense, coaching and big men to make it happen.

I am asking you to root for the Dogs (as they call it) because Mrs. BIE was an athlete there and is a graduate of Butler. Now, she is as big a Dawg fan as there is.  Anyone who knows her can attest.  She took a bunch of Georgia banners and the Redcoat Band CD to work yesterday for a Tennessee graduate that is leaving her office, with a friendly banner that said something along the lines of "Good Riddance" and "The IQ of the Office Just Went Up."  She sat in the rain in '04 against Tech the whole game.  Sober.  Six months pregnant.

So for her, I am asking you to root for the Butler Bulldogs. The colors are unoffensive (think Georgia Southern, without the yellow Eagle).  They say Go Dogs, but will forgive you if you slip up and say Go Dawgs.  A trip to the Final Four is at stake, which in basketball crazy Indiana is a big deal, especially considering her whole family are all Indiana grads.  With the final four being played five miles from campus, it'll be an even bigger deal.  Of course, if you have a pecuniary interest in the outcome, I'll understand.  She might not, so keep it to yourself as she is back below her playing weight.  Did I mention she threw shot put and hammer in college?

Now, if Butler wins, I just need Kentucky to lose so the price of Final Four tickets will plummet.  I'm gonna need a couple.

Go Dawgs Dogs!


  1. Go Dogs!! Lived in basketball crazy Indiana and was a prof at IU...during Bob Knigt days..and national championship..also was on Butler faculty and have always been a fan of the little Dogs! Will pull hard for Butler to make it all the way..and altho' an SEC fan..would like to see the Dogs take the whole thing!! Kisses to the wife!!

  2. you know me...I don't think my pounding of fists and cursing at the TV actually affects the outcome of games in the least. But I hope they win for Mrs. Exile's sake.