Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From the Cornfield - The grass is sometimes greener on your side of the fence

Whenever I get too down on the state of affairs among the Bulldawg Nation (FIRE MAK RICHT!!!! and BOBO IS A IDIOT and such on the message boards), I take a few minutes to engage in a bit of peering-over-the-fence-at-other-program's-fans therapy.  It never takes more than looking at Tech basketball fans (and football fans, for that matter) to make me think our fans are at lease more reasonable than some. 

You only need to read the comments to the AJC's article on Paul Hewitt's contract being rolled over. Again (h/t PWD).  Sheer panderlerium over the deal, Hewitt's lack of success in the ACC, the low seed in the NCAA tournament, the losing season last year, and their lack of success meeting women.  I get it, you made a national championship game a few years ago.  Merely making the tourney isn't enough.  But don't be mad at Hewitt.  Be mad at GT's athletic administration for giving him the sweetest of all sweet deals, a perpetual contract that essentially gives him a 6 million dollar buyout.  Did I say it was perpetual? 

I know it is Tech's athletic administration I thank in my prayers when Georgia beats Tech every December. 


  1. Those message boards that you refer to are out of my life now, and I feel so much better about myself and my team.

    When i saw that the nerds were keeping Hewitt, I lost it laughing. Hilarious.

  2. I noticed your post about that. As a rule, I rarely read any unmoderated post. However, I just can't help but to read Tech fan rantings. Call me a voyeur. I am ok with that.

    Your approach is much healthier, I agree.