Monday, March 15, 2010

Beaten to the punch

I had planned on doing a big piece on Georgia vs. the NCAA at lunch, but when I go up this morning, I saw Hale had beaten me to the punch.  That is a win-win for you readers.

I do have a couple of thoughts about the tournament:
  • Not once in the aftermath coverage last night of Illinois missing the tournament did anyone mention the loss to Georgia as a 'bad' loss.  One person actually mentioned it as a 'good' loss. I wouldn't go that far, but it has been some time since anyone has uttered good loss about the Dawgs.
  • Illinois should have made the tournament, for what it is worth.
  • So should have Mississippi State.  I guess the committee couldn't get over the season opening loss to Rider.  That is the only difference between Minnesota and the Bizaro Dawgs. Except Mississippi State lost the conference championship game to a one seed.
  • Yep, shouldn't have lost to Rider.  That and Tubby said to put Minnesota in.
  • At least Minnesota and Illinois didn't have losing records in their conference.  I'm talking about you Georgia Tech.
  • But the biggest snub goes to Virginia Tech.  23-8 (10-6). Plus a road win over the team that *had* to be the last team in.  You guessed it, Georgia Tech.  
  • Speaking of Tech, I am not sure how or why they are in.  Yeah, I get the RPI, but nothing about their season stands out to me to make their RPI that great.  I mean their SOS is 13th? For playing 16-14 Southern Cal?  Just baffling to me.  I also understand the difficult nature of making distinctions about uncomparable factors, but DAYUM.
  • Speaking of the hair of their chinny chinchin.  Florida, you are the recipient of the Eddie Monster Past Champion's pass.  I thought you'd make it with one win, but I didn't think Mississippi State would play past their first game.  
  • Don't even get me started on UNLV.
  • BTW, the SEC East has more teams in the NCAA than the Pac10.  The same as the Mountain West. The Mountain West has four teams in the NCAA? Wow!  No teams from the SEC West made it.
So, anyone think this model is good for college football? What say you when a three loss Notre Dame gets into the playoffs over a 1 loss SEC team that didn't make the SEC championship game? Or a two loss Big 12 team getting stiffed for a one loss Big East team that played Lehigh, Wayne State and Vandy for their OOC games? What about when a one loss MWC team gets in as an at large because the two loss Pac10 team lost OOC toa 3-9 Big10 team? Those playoffs will go to 32 teams, if that happens.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.


  1. Great points about fans of a playoff getting what they wish for. I for one prefer knowing that while we might not have the best two teams always playing for the title we at least will never have a #8 seed (NC State in the 80s) which is the equivalent of a team ranked outside the top 25 win the title. What if expand far enough to include all major conference champions (8 team playoff) and a team that goes 5-3 in conference gets to the conference title game and wins it but had no OOC wins making them 6-7(including conference title game) and then they play great, get lucky breaks whatever to win 3 in a row to win the national title. Yay for getting a "true and fair" national champion that has an overall record of 9-7. That would be much better than what we have now.

  2. I'm glad Va Tech didn't make it, I want pansy scheduling punished, not rewarded.