Thursday, March 4, 2010

And in other news

Well, Jim Delaney ended up getting a handful of majic beans. 

Apparently, if the Big 10 11 ads the right teams, there will be more money in it for all the conference's teams.  Imagine that.  Add the right teams, and the money will flow.  I have a few suggestions:

Notre Dame, Texas, Indianapolis and the Yankees. 

I kid, I kid.  A little.

The actual list: Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Missouri, Syracuse and Rutgers.  I can see the value in adding a couple of those, but adding Rutgers?  Red Grange and Amos Alonzo Stagg are rolling over in their graves. 

I don't really have a point, which is normal.  I just wanted to point out that Jim Delaney isn't always trying to use is big brain to denigrate the team speed of the SEC.  Sometimes, he gets sold a bill of goods.

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