Friday, March 26, 2010

Ah, the weekend

A couple of random readings for your weekend:
  • So a bowl played inside in Toronto can't make it, but a bowl played outside in a baseball stadium will?  Looks like Rutgers and UConn will be playing a lot of bowl games there.
  • In the aftermath of the St. Urban blow up, Chris Low adds his name to those that won't be invited to Florida football practices.  I bet he doesn't threaten ESPN the same way.
  • Yep, Big East is the Big 10 of postseason college basketball.
  • Ah, RichRod.  He is as good a businessman as he is a Michigan man.
  • RichRod isn't having the worst week of those in sports, though.
  • Not looking good for Bruce Weber in Illiniland.
  • Why Georgia can get back to where they were in basketball pre-Harrick scandal: Baylor has laid out a template and Evans and Fox are following it.
Finally, it is the Dogs, not the Dawgs, but still root for Butler, unless for some reason you have KState in your bracket.  The folks in Indy will even forgive you calling them Dawgs.

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