Monday, February 1, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot, January 31

Bit of a proceedure change, polling will change to Sunday nights. Here is my ballot and comments for the week:
  1. Kentucky - Nothing to see here.
  2. Vanderbilt - Looking more and more like the team that will run deep in the NCAA tourney with Kentucky.
  3. Tennessee - Did Tennessee turn it around against the Gators or will they continue to play themselves into a tough second round NCAA tourney game?
  4. Mississippi State - Barely the best team in the west, if there is such a thing.
  5. Florida - Donovan still has the best hair in the conference. Now, if could only find a point guard as good....
  6. Mississippi - Honestly, I wanted to move them lower.
  7. South Carolina - They beat Kentucky. Any chance they can parlay that into a NCAA run?
  8. Alabama - How do you lose to Auburn? Two four minute scoring droughts will do that for you.
  9. Arkansas - Great win against Old Miss, for act two they will walk across that big river to get home.
  10. Georgia - Dawgs have to start turning these moral victories into, you know, actual victories.
  11. Auburn - Nice job of game management against 'Bama. It was the win they needed to hope to get into a post season tourney.
  12. LSU - Postseason? Postseason?!? We're just trying to win a game!

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