Monday, February 22, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot, Feb 21st

My SEC Hoops Power Poll for Feb 21st.

  1. Kentucky-A number one seed beckons.  The only question left for the Cats is will be 'are they THE number one seed.'
  2. Vandy-The 'Dores will be the toughest five seed in the NCAA tourney.
  3. Tennessee-Can Pearl capture the magic of early January?  Do so and they are a very dangerous team, too. 
  4. Florida-After the embarrassing loss to Xavier, the Gators get a much needed road win in Oxford. The Gators still have the toughest closing schedule in the conference, so it is too early to say they are a win away from the tourney.
  5. Mississippi State-Flirted with disaster in Baton Rouge.  Still face some have-to-win road games to make the tourney.
  6. Arkansas-They could win the West  and miss the NCAA tourney.  That is just how bad the West is this year.
  7. South Carolina-Has faded from NCAA tourney discussion.  Any more fading and they will not be in NIT discussions.
  8. Mississippi-I'd hate to be Andy Kennedy's taxi driver after the week the Rebs have had.
  9. Auburn-They are the Georgia of the West: Dangerous at home, a gimme on the road.
  10. Georgia-Can the Dawgs make the NIT? Not unless they significantly improve their guard play.  Or shoot 65%+ from the field down the stretch.
  11. Alabama-Anthony Grant is a couple of players away from having a good team.  Too bad those players are probably in the NBA right now.
  12. LSU-Damn. Just. Damn.

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