Friday, February 19, 2010


So, the US Olympic Committee ran Scotty Lagos off from Vancouver Olympics. Yeah, he 'volunteered' to leave, but make no bones about it, he was run off.

Wanna kiss my...medal? (Image from

Sorry, I just can get over this. First, he is a SNOWBOARDER in the halfpipe. Remember, they do 1260s and wear shredded jeans? Second, if he isn't supposed to take his medal out for a spin, why did the Olympic committee ensure there were 100,000 condoms available for the Olympic games? Third, he's Scotty Lagos, bitch!

On behalf of an embarrassed countryman, Scotty, I am sorry you felt you had to leave the site of your achievement. I think it is BS.


  1. Agreed. It's not like they are paying him big bucks tied to a morals clause in his contract.

  2. I agree too. Ridiculous. Not like he's the one with the medal in his mouth either--where's her momma?

  3. I do not agree with Exilus Maximus on this. Then again, I also thought Matthew Stafford should have reprimanded for his shenanigans at TalladegA.

    When you wear the red, white and blue, you are representing more than just the people who act like you do. It's a privilege, something far too few young people today understand.

  4. Damn, I've GOT to get me a medal. Somehow.

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  6. Jimmycrackedcorndog is right. It's not that Lagos is expected to be a Saint, it's that he's expected to be smart enough to not pull this shit in public WHERE CAMERAS ARE AROUND and with a bronze medal representing the great United States of America.

    We are fighting a war, my brother is about to leave for Afghanistan on his 3rd tour in fact. This arrogant, selfish, juvenile behavior from an over-indulged, entitled athlete while kids all across the world are watching, is unacceptable. You cannot behave this way and represent your country. Period. Also, note to Scotty, see how acting like a dipshit helped Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods. If you want to be a moron, make sure you don't do it at the Olympics, where the character of our athletes still matters (read the Olympic creed folks) and damn sure don't do it AROUND CAMERAS.

    He knew what ws expected of him when he agreed to compete & represent his team. He signed the creed in fact. He must be held to those standards & face the consequesnces of his actions. I don't see how this is difficult to comprehend.

    It was colossally stupid and i'm glad he's gone. He deserved it. No, he EARNED it.

  7. I just think running him off is over the top. What is difficult to comprehend is the US Olympic committee running him off when he did abide by the creed:
    "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well."

    He fought well. It is the enjoying the spoils of winning that got him in trouble.

    I appreciate your brother and family's sacrifice. I just think it is over the top for him to be banished, regardless of if cameras caught him or not. He apologized, even before the pictures came out. I am a believer in forgiveness and redemption (believe me, I have been the recipient of plenty of both, as well as of the harsh, though justified, reaction of others due to my poor decisions). No doubt he wasn't upholding the standards we we would hope he would live to. No doubt he knows that, showed contrition for that, and paid the price for that. I just think making him leave does nothing to mitigate his actions.

  8. Oh please. Even Christ explained, once forgiven certainly doesn't mean we escape the consequences of our actions. Surely as a parent you teach the same to your kids.

    This is a real-time PR world in which we live and as an athlete that is more than a Pro at this lifestyle, he knew better. Period. You can't cause a PR problem and get away with it, not on this stage. He got what he earned by his own actions.

    His medal doesn't entitle him to act like an immature, ungrateful, vulgar moron on the world's stage, ESPECIALLY while wrapped in the American Flag.