Friday, February 12, 2010

Rams are moving...

To new ownership.  No word yet on if they will play any exhibition games at Memorial Stadium in Champaign.  The Rams will stay in St. Louis...for the time being.

The new owner is a very down to earth guy, still living in the modest house he bought 25 years ago when he was still moving up the ranks at the auto parts company he put on the map.

Strangely enough, the American dream does still come true. While this area of Illinois is fairly evenly split among Cubs, White Sox and Cardinal fans, nearly everyone is a Bears football fan, with the new owner being the exception.  You have to go 100 miles south and west to get Rams fans.  You have to go to Indiana, about 40 miles east, to find any Colts fans.  I wonder if having the owner of the Rams in town will change that.

Shahid Khan, football mogul (Image: Champaign News-Gazette)

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  1. This guy needs to get Dick Bumpas as DC. Mustache Brigade is GOOOOOO!

  2. I've met him before. It is WAY more impressive in person.