Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My top Winter Olympic Moments

Ok, let's get one out of the way.  No American of a certain age can have this list without the 1980 win over the USSR in the semifinals at the Lake Placid games being at the top.  Easily number one.

Do you believe in miracles?!? (Image: CNN/SI)

Second is Torvill and Dean in Sarajevo.  I don't particularly like artistic ice skating and the analogs of artistic ice skating.  However, even 26 years later, the beauty and majesty of this performance is just amazing.

Third is the USA Hockey win over Canada the other night.  At first, I thought this was merely a cool moment, until I was reminded of the history of this rivalry.  Since the first miracle on ice at Squaw Valley in 1960, the US was 0-5-1 against Canada in Olympic competition. I found myself sweating and my heart pounding in the final 2 minutes while Canada pulled Brodeur for the extra stick.  I openly yelled 'GOOOOAAAAAL' for the first time while sober when Ryan Kesler out-hustled Corey Perry to knock in an empty net goal to seal the win with less than a minute to play.

Gooooooaaaaaallll! (Image:Rueters)

Fourth on my list is Eric Heiden's performance at the 1980 Lake Placid games.  He still holds the standard for domination at the winter games, winning all five long track racing events he entered that Olympiad.  I wanted to move to Holland and become a skater in 1980 after that.  Holland seemed much cooler to me than Wisconsin, where I assumed all American speed skaters are from.  As I have learned, many are from Illinois.  I haven't gotten track time..yet.

Fifth is Herschel Walker's appearance at the Winter games in 1992.  It is a long way from Wrightsville to Albertville.  Having the Goal Line Stalker compete in the Olympic games just proved he was everthing we believed him to be.  The only way it ends up better is if he had won a medal.

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So there you have my top five.  Any I missed?


  1. "the beauty and majesty of this [ice dancing] performance" ----- The entire town of Blackshear just gasped.

    Hope all is well. Edgar

  2. lol, I echo Edgar's sentiment.

    The cumulative performance of our skiers is particularly note-worthy.

  3. Mike and Edgar, if I had a sixth, it would be just staring at Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso.

  4. Dan Jansen finally winning gold in 1994.

  5. Has Costas' hair medal'd yet?

    My list is about an exact replica of yours. However, if the USA ever wins bronze in Curling you'll find me passed out in a pool of confetti.

    Who else has the stones to say that?