Monday, February 1, 2010

Lady Dawgs lose to Auburn

A couple of weeks ago, Georgia looked to be well on track for a number one seed, after starting the season 18-1, including an insprired win over the Lady Vols in Athens on January 21. Since then, they have dropped three in a row to teams that they should have beaten soundly.

I don't have answers. I thought this team had finally turned the corner from the teams of the last couple of years that would have lots of talent, but little killer instinct. After the UT game, I worried that this young team would think they had made it. I certainly appears that they have.

Some of this will turn around when Ashley Houts and Angel Robinson (less than 15 ppg combined since Tennessee) are fully healed from their respective ankle injuries. Some of the turnaround has to come from the other 10 ladies on the team. Georgia is a very talented basketball team with a coach that is among the best at persuasive motivation. I am not worried about the losing streak, other than for pride sake...yet.

Two weeks ago, I thought a number one seed and playing a first/second round match-up some place relatively close like Tallahassee or Durham was a distinct likihood. Instead, they are now playing for a top three seed and hoping not to have to face a number one seed in some place like Sacramento in the regionals. There is plenty of time to right the ship. Getting Houts and Robinson back to full strength is a huge boost, but the Lady Dawgs don't have much wiggle room right now for ensuring they don't get rogered during Selection Monday.

They face LSU in Athens on Friday evening at 7pm. If you are close to Athens, Coach Landers and the Lady Dawgs need you in the Steg to make some noise.

Go Dawgs!

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