Friday, February 26, 2010

I was wrong

Yesterday, I thought I'd be happy with a hard fought, close game that made Vandy nervous. I was wrong.

A great game for the Dawgs came down to some home cooked officiating and chances to ice it from the foul line (surprisingly enough). To quote PWD (who was paraphrasing Quinton):
"when the best free throw shooter on your team misses two and the worst three point shooter on their team makes one all at the end, that's pretty much not your night."
The Dawgs did all I could have asked, yet I still wanted more. This team is so close to being there. I said it in the SEC Blog Poll Round Table and I believe it still: Mark Fox is the right coach at the right time for Georgia. When you go into Nashville and basically play Vandy the same way Kentucky did, but with all the breaks going against you, without the players that Kentucky has, you are doing something very right and very well.

We are still aways from playing for a high seed in the NCAA tourney. We are much, much closer than we were 12 months ago. Plus, we have potential to make a run in Nashville at the SEC Tourney, with or without a tornado.

Go Dawgs!

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  1. Agreed! They are being Bulldogs to the last. Catching breaks is what a lot of wins are about. It looks like the Dawgs can more than hold their own with everyone. Sic'em!