Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So, we are watching the Olympics and the wife and I have a disagreement about snowboarding. Halfpipe snowboarding.

She thinks there should be a deduciton if your underwear is showing. I think they should get bonus points if their junk is hanging out (not that I want to see that, just seems like something that they should give a bonus for).

Kinda like I think they should pee test and penalize them if they aren't high. I mean, its snowboarding.

As Shaun White put it "Just keeping it weird."



  1. I don't understand most of the winter olympic sports. What's all that white stuff?

  2. It is called 'snow.' We have much more of it on the ground in Central Illinois than they do in Vancouver. I bet it is hard to get excited about winter games taking place a month before Fall begins.