Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From the Cornfield - Special Signing Day edition

While lucky suckers like Bernie are at Butts-Meher, I am stuck on the Prairie looking at the College GameDay Red Road bus (or whatever, it is basketball), since they'll be live from Assembly Hall in Champaign on Saturday. Look for the balding dude wearing UGA colors and with a sign that says "Rece Davis is a penith."

So, on to signing day. As I stated, I don't do much with it. Time, proximity and a sincere belief that this is counting chickens before they hatch dictate that I don't get too riled up. That being said, there are some interesting story lines.

  • Markeith Ambles, go west young man. Drink the orange cardinal and gold koolaide. Hey, you'll be the third string this signing class. Hope Matt Barkley's seconds are good enough.
  • Da'Rick Rogers. If anyone has any concerns about having a problem rooting against a Dooley, know you now your error. Very smooth move offering his best friend/QB to get Rogers. Have fun in the Peach Bowl, Jabari.
  • Michael Thornton. Welcome to the Dawgnation. Coach Grantham will love to see you making Ryan Mallet pee his pants this fall.
  • Jordan Akins. UCF? Really? Big fish, small pond signing, I guess. If the Dawgs lose him to Tech, that makes sense (rationally speaking).
  • Seantrel Henderson. Interestingly, I think USC has the line on him.
  • Ogletree twins. Welcome to Dawgnation. Like the Luckie triplets and Bailey brothers before you, I see an ESPN segment in your future.
One last thought. After Rogers performance in the UA All-American game, I had concerns about him. That isn't to say a huge committment and a guy with a big upside didn't get away. It did.

Again, if you think somehow rooting against a Dooley is un-Bulldog, get over it. DD don't give a crap about Georgia football, and he showed it by offering a scholarship to a QB that was recruited by Vandy, UCF, East Carolina and Chattanooga just to steal his best friend/star receiver from UGA.

That is all.

Welcome to Athens, you young men that honored your commitments. You are now DGDs.

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