Monday, February 22, 2010

Final Thoughts on Signing Day

Now that we are a couple of weeks out from signing day, I felt like I could be objective enough to write this post.  A couple of caveats.  First, I went to law school with Tennessee's current football coach.  I only say that as a matter of fact and not to assert anything other than I have drank beer with him, played softball with him and on one glorious October day in Athens, nearly got kicked out of law school over a play at home plate in the law school softball championship game against his team.

Second, I realize there is hypocrisy in recruiting.  I will point out one potential instance of that below.

So, where is this going?  We Georgia fans need to get over rooting against a Dooley. 

Yeah, he offered a kid that will never move above fourth string on his QB depth chart a slot so he could get Da'Rick Rogers.  It worked.  Is that different than Georgia offering Lonnie Outlaw to get Nick Marshall next season?  Maybe, maybe not.  Lonnie Outlaw could end up playing for Georgia, if he ever qualifies.  Remember, a coach that saw him play said he made Fred Gibson look 'like a girl.'  I don't think anyone will think that about Nance.

I mean even Lane Kiffin didn't offer Nance to get Da'Rick Rogers.  Lane Kiffin!

As a contrast, I liked Jakar Hamilton's point (from David Hale's live blog):

"It's disappointing to have a high school player be committed for so long and come up at the last minute because it hurts. It hurts the football team tremendously and the recruiting class. In that case, another player could have had that spot or had a chance to come here and play. I'm not going to call it selfish because they're high school players. Most of them do it for the hype or to have their name out there. But it just shows you what kind of player that person is. Me, Coach Martinez left before I even got here. I could have easily said I don't want to go here anymore, I'll go to Alabama. But I gave Coach Mark Richt my word, and I told him I was committed here. That's what kind of person I am, and that's what I want people to see. I kept my word."
If Rogers doesn't want to be a Dawg, so be it.  Remember who made the moves to convince him to be a Vol, though.

Finally, if anyone for a second has a reservation about a Dooley coaching at Tennessee and being able to root against a Dooley needs to take notice.  Derek Dooley could give a crap about Georgia winning or losing.  Actually, with what he needs to do with recruiting, he actually wants Georgia to lose.  He showed that with signing Nance to get Rogers.  He will continue to show that with his recruiting by highlighting his father's connections and those of his coaching godfather, the Armani Bear.   It is time for we Georgia fans to get over rooting against a Dooley.  There is certainly at least one Dooley rooting against us.


  1. I can get over rooting against a Dooley. It's just gonna take a long time to get over one in particular rooting against us. On October 9th I would wager there's at least three. Two loudly and one quietly.

  2. I love Ms. Barbara and Coach Dooley. Great people. I understand their desire to see their baby (believe me, Ms. Barbara's fav has always been DD) succeed. Blood is thicker than something else...

    We just need to get over rooting against a Dooley.

  3. You're either in the family or you're out, and I, for one, will have no problem rooting against Derek Dooley. What did he ever do for Georgia, anyway, besides have a dad that's a Bulldog legend?

    I was perfectly prepared to root for Jon Richt to get knocked on his keester in the event he ever played a bowl game against Georgia as Clemson's quarterback, and rooting against a Vol coach who has no chance of getting physically hurt will be easier, still. If Coach (Vince) Dooley ends up rooting against us quietly, too, heck, that's alright with me. It's his son. But you'd better believe I hope Mark humiliates Derek every time he gets the opportunity.

  4. Here, Here.

    The stain of orange captured this soul quickly.

    I never had a problem rooting against Bill Dooley, I certainly will not have an issue with rooting strongly against any Tennessee coach.