Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bulldogs on radio could be in trouble if lawmakers succeed

Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson is among a bi-partisan group of lawmakers pushing a measure that could wind up putting some radio stations out of business. For those of us who grew up listening to radio and STILL use it to hear the Dawgs, please take note.

This legislation seeks to tax radio stations for each song they play. This money would then go back into the pockets of record companies, the majority of which are foreign-owned. This is a BAD idea that would hurt local communities in more than one way. Over 235 million Americans listen to radio each week. Radio stations are vital contributors to local economies and provide services the Internet will never be able to duplicate.

Tell your lawmakers to vote “NO” on this legislation. Find out more at

Jimmycrackedcorndawg is a long-time radio broadcaster and a UGA graduate.

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  1. Please note that Senator Isakson is AGAINST this measure.The Senator's support of the Radio Freedom Act is appreciated and I apologize for the original inaccuracy.