Friday, February 5, 2010

Ah, the weekend-More Thoughts on Signing Day

Just a couple of random observations:
  • I do dig Coach Grantham's glee at the barking. Having grown up with barking at all things Dawg, I don't find it the least bit unusual when grown folks start barking about something. Of course, I still find it cute when kids do it. I hope he has a great first season so he can see what it is like when something big happens. Like this:

  • Any chance Markeith Ambles doesn't get kicked out of school while playing for the Trogans? Wow. Just. Wow.
  • This one could help out Coach Fox, too. Ucheedawg at The Grit Tree has a great write up on the visit that netted Lonnie Outlaw from Wilcox County. Outlaw won't qualify, so he'll spend at least next season at Georgia Military. I hope his HS buddy gets to play college ball with him.
  • I admit it, I got chill bumps from this:
  • This explains the rumors at Butts-Mehre. He'd been a great get, but I didn't think he went as far as saying he'd sign with Georgia on the radio. Illustrative of how hard it is to make this decision.
  • Check out The Senator's piece on Seantrel Henderson's inbox. Tell me St. Urban isn't milking his health for all it is worth. I also like Henderson's approach by waiting to sign the LOI until after USC appears before the NCAA. Just smart business.
  • Read Dean Legge. Please. I'll probably have more on the piece, and the issues it talks about, but it is a good, critical look at the 2010 signing class and how the whole thing played out.
  • Really? Didn't work out so good the last time a kid was 'off the charts' and 'breaking down NFL film at 13' did it?
    • I hope Chris Collinsworth is more discreet and level headed than Craig James, since his son signed to play for Notre Dame. Imagine the hue and cry if the Irish gets dragged into the nonsense that Texas Tech has.
    • Speaking of, I wonder how close Austin Collinsworth was to signing with Cincinatti before Brian Kelly left to go to Notre Dame? Isn't that as big a story as some of The Kiffer's shenanigans? I can use shenanigans in a sentence about a short Irishman coaching Notre Dame, right?

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