Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where does Tennessee go now?

So anyone that thought Brian Kelly leaving Cincy at the end of the regular season with a bowl to play was non-sense think what has happened to Tennessee tonight is too? Don't get me wrong, whatever makes my enemy weaker and all that, but damn. Three weeks to signing day and a guy that has been in Knoxville for less than three weeks is now in charge of the program. Anyone? Kippy Brown.

I'm Kippy Brown, bitches! (Image:Life)

Back of the envelope, late at night thoughts on who they will go after in no particular order:
  • David Cutcliffe. Current Duke coach. Mike Hamilton was calling him during the Kiffin team meeting, if I had to guess.
  • John Chavis. LSU Defensive Coordinator. Mike Hamilton has probably called him, too.
  • Skip Holtz. East Carolina Head Coach. Done an awful lot with a tough last name.
  • Gary Patterson. TCU Coach. I think he'd be first on my list.
  • Chris Peterson. Boise State Head Coach. He won't come, but they'll think hard about how to get him.
  • Anyone with the last name Stoops.
  • Bud Foster. Hey ain't leaving, but they'll call.
  • Kriby Smart. He might, if they call. After thinking about it, no way. UT has to hire someone who can bring a ready made staff in (at least a D and O coordinator). Plus, Kirby cannot afford to burn bridges at both Georgia and Alabama in the same week.
People that UT folks want to come but won't for one reason or another: Johnny Majors, Reggie White, General Robert Neyland, Jeff Fisher, Sean Payton, anyone with the last name Stoops, John Gruden, Bill Cowher, Nick Saban, Will Muschamp, Peyton Manning, or Cartman.

I wonder if Tommy Tubberville is regretting going to Texas Tech so fast?

Either way, they've got just about 3 days to get this done or they will face significant losses in their incoming class.


  1. Exilus Maximus is of course, correct on David Cutcliffe. Without even looking at the UT blogs, it's Cutcliffe or bust. He is their unicorn, like Stoops is to Florida.

    Jeff Fisher in Knoxville makes all the sense in the world. He is the best football coach in Tennessee and the guy who gave a non-traditional NFL town its first Super Bowl appearance.

    If this were five years ago, we'd be hearing Spurrier's name.

    Remember Darryl Dickey? The son of UT's famous coach and AD was QB on the 1985 Sugar Bowl team that played Miami. But his latest coaching stop, West Georgia, may lack the moxy UT fans are looking for.

    What about Kerwin Bell from Jacksonville University? That would be worth it just to throw a dart at Gator Nation, though I'm sir it would do nothing to wipe the smug from Urban's mug.

    I think one of the guys on this list is dead...

  2. Sounds like it's Muschamp first (ugh). I agree that Cutcliffe should've been the first call, if he wasn't. Surely he'd come home from ShaShivskiVille. (double ugh)

    I also heard Hamilton was very high Air Force's Troy Calhoun before they hired Kifster.