Friday, January 8, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot

My SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot for the first week of SEC play:

1. Kentucky
2. Tennessee
3. Ole Miss
4. Florida
5. Mississippi St.
6. Vandy
7. Bama
8. LSU
9. UGA
10. USC
11. Auburn
12. Arkansas

Thoughts on the first week's poll:
  • Kentucky was the clear number one.  Tennessee and Ole Miss were pretty close together, but UT has had a better season thus far. I could have literally tossed a coin to rank 4-8. Same for Georgia and South Carolina.  Auburn and Arkansas, well, they were clear choices, too.
  • I didn't know what to do with Tennessee other that rank them for their prior body of work.  It is altogether possible they could drop several spots if the 32.5 or so points per game they have sitting on the bench for youthful follies are out long term.  I actually just snickered when I typed that.
  • Ole Miss is dangerous.
  • I wish Paul Hewitt and Bruce Weber coached in the SEC.

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