Friday, January 15, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot, January 16

  1. Kentucky - Do I really need to justify this one?
  2. Tennessee - Honestly, I don't know what the season holds for them, but they are playing possessed right now.  I'm glad the Dawgs have a few more games before we face them.
  3. Vanderbilt - Finally playing to the level of their talent.
  4. Mississippi State - How do you lose to Western Kentucky, but beat Ole Miss on the road?
  5. Ole Miss - How do you lose to the team that lost to Rider?
  6. Florida - Gutsy performance against much superior team, resulting in a tough loss but a moral victory....wait, this isn't Georgia?
  7. Alabama - Played Vandy tougher than anyone thought.  Has a lot of upside, if Anthony Grant can bottle the hustle they had against the 'Dores.
  8. South Carolina - 2-0 in conference is impressive until you consider who they played.
  9. Georgia - Moral victories are great.  Not for moving up in standings, though.
  10. LSU - Would definitely take a moral victory right now.
  11. Auburn - They might finish 4-12 in the conference.  Seriously.
  12. Arkansas - Played Texas tough, but faded.  They'll sneak up on somebody, but right now, they are just not a good basketball team.
*Submitted and due before the Mississippi State Arkansas game on Thursday evening.

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