Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reports: Martinez to Stanford

There are multiple reports (including the AJC) this morning that former Dawgs DC Willie Martinez has been hired by Stanford, presumably to coach defensive backs. Martinez, who was part of Mark Richt's original UGA staff in 2001, also served the past five seasons as defensive coordinator.

It's nice to see a good guy like Martinez land on his feet. Even some of his harshest critics at UGA, I'm sure can understand the closure this brings for all parties.

Looks like the PAC 10 is quickly becoming the SEC Far West with the likes of Kiffer & Co. first, now Willie MarT. Go get 'em Willie, we'll be rooting for you every time you play the Trojans.

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  1. Willie is a good guy. I'm glad he's found a new position. Hope he does well.