Monday, January 4, 2010

On the Hoops

Now that we are (almost) done with football, I want to catch up on basketball.

In case you haven't noticed, and based on the crowds at Stegeman, you haven't, the men's basketball team is about to hit the SEC schedule with a road date at Kentucky this weekend. Before then, they face Georgia Tech tomorrow night in Athens. This is a huge test for the Dawgs as Tech is 11-2. However, the only win they have over anyone with a pulse is a thriller yesterday over UNC-Charlotte (before you laugh, the 49ers were 10-2, with a win on the road over Louisville, going into the game). A win over Tech will help provide a nice piece of confidence before hitting the SEC with a very tough game this weekend. The Dawgs are sitting at 7-5 after getting housed by Mizzu and beating Pepperdine last week.

If you need reasons to go to a game in Athens this season, the Tech game offers plenty. Tech kicks off the Orange Bowl at about halftime of the basketball game, so they will have NO ONE there to annoy you (not that any of them will be in Miami either, but at least they will stay in the basement to watch the football game). The best comeback for Tech after a loss in football to Georgia is 'yeah, but wait until basketball season.' Go to Stegeman and help take that little piece of sanctimoniousness away from them.

There are hungry kids in Illinois that wish they could go, too. Do it for the kids.

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