Friday, January 15, 2010

It's time for Tennessee

Will Muschamp? No, thanks.  Skip Holtz? Gone.  Troy Calhoun? Called in a preemptive strike.

So now, Tennessee has to make the only call that makes any sense, one that the powers that be didn't want to make, one that will help make SEC fans not wearing overalls happy.  Yes, it is time to call David Cutcliffe.

Hey, I know Cutcliffe is a UT guy, but if I were a fan of the Vols, I'd be concerned about this.  Mike Hamilton is facing a diffcult decision: Do we hire a guy that can keep the class together, but hasn't shown much ability to be an effective head coach or do we say let's take the time to do this right and get a guy that'll be here for years.  That is the crux of the matter for them.

Cutcliffe, in my mind, would be the former.  He is 53-44, ahead of Kiffin, but much of that is on the back of Eli Manning.  I didn't think Kiffin was that good, so the coach thing is a push.  The big difference is the supporting cast of characters.  No way Cutcliffe brings in the same quality assistants The Kiffer had.

Look, it isn't a big deal to me.  Anything that makes Tennessee a less worthy opponent, I'm all for.  I'm just saying if I were a Tennessee fan, I'd be ready to panic.

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  1. ESPN and a paper in Knoxville are reporting that Cutcliffe will be staying at Duke. Seems there were problems with him assembling his own staff.

    This is getting worse for the Vols. If a potential new head coach cannot assemble his own staff, then why would he leave and come to UT? Sounds like the only thing left for them to do is take the interim tag off of Kippy.